Tuesday, February 07, 2006

crazy padre

Here we are again @ worky jerky, don't ya love it! I'm just done today! I just told Tiffany that I wish she turned 18 yesterday rather than just 17 so that i could leave early! I dont know what it is, but the kids are just driving me up the wall today! I feel sorta bad that we are in the comp lab again, but this is where they are happy, so i guess its fine. I worked @ peiffer today and then had to come straight to work afterwards. arggg!!!! After work im going out to din din with dad and gma for gma's 86th bday! we're going to northwoods inn.
So can i just tell ya the convo that my dad and i had last night? So dani and i went to denny's for dinner and my dad called right when we were being seated, so i didnt answer the phone. I had planned to call him right when i got done but i called john back b4 to see if we were going to hang out and then i planned to call my dad. well, he beat me to it and accused me of being on speed cuz im always spaziing out with him on the phone. well, helloooooooooo, he makes me that way, when you make me feel bad all the time for not calling you 40 thousand times a day, back the fuck off!!!! Anyway, we will be dining together tonight and luckly we dont fight in public (like matt and i!) so it oughta be okay! So i had to dress down today cuz we are going out to dinner. I know that sounds super weird, but its true! he only wears sweats and gets annoyed if i were nice clothes, even jeans are pushing it! weird, i know!
So I have some good news about dear old dad, he has been a non-smoker for the past month. I seriously didnt think he could make it this far but that just goes to show that when you put your mind to something, great things can happen! so im gonna go, parents are here and it looks a little weird for me to be blogging! i guess i'll play sumthin on disney.com!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ryanne @ US Bank

so here i am at work, yet again! so journaling is a really good way to let you and other ppl know how your feeling! So today was a good day. John and i went to the bank to open a checking account for him (cuz he needs to save money badly) and we had the best freakin time ever! Let me tell you! The lady that helped us, Ryanne, was prolly 24 or 25 and soooo flippin funny. We were totally on a 1st name basis and she kept referring us as such! So funny! Anyway, there was an empty desk in the back of the bank and she assigned that to john. I think they were piping laughing gas through the vents, we were flippin high! Okay, so that was the bank!
Today is Tiffany's b-day! she's 17! wow, thats funny, i work with a 17 yr old! But she had to go to another school to work. But... Rosey brought over the Dutch Creek kids for golf in the gym and we got to chat so that was fun! She's going to take me to Red Lobster some time soon! So I have some sad news about our buddy...Rosey and Jude broke up, she told me over the phone today while i was @ the Pavilions, she seemed so sad, and for dang good reason! I mean come on, been there, done that! But kaley and i were only together for 9 months and they were together for 12 yrs! I cant even imagine what she's going through! But, I love this new side of her, i mean she's emotional and she tells me how she's feeling! I flippin love it! So if you'll remember with me when i first started with foothills @ Ute Meadows, I totally had a crush on her. but thats old news! So maybe my wildest dreams could come true...I mean, i can still hope and dream, right? I mean, there might be a time where we could just be talking and then maybe it could happen, maybe a little kiss? Who knows! but regardless, im totally there for her and supportive all the way! and she knows it! so Red Lobster oughta be good! So im gonna wrap this one up and we'll talk soon! I cant even imagine what would happen if she read this, i guess it'd be out in the open and we wouldn't have to beat around the bush, now would we!? Ok, im done. hasta luego!
love sara

Friday, February 03, 2006

john and other random thoughts

So here I am @ work yet again, this is really the only time I get to write in here. It should be called my work blogger! Anyway, I also figured out that I can't write what im really feeling in my myspace blogs cause everyone reads them. I like for ppl to read them, but not for john to read them! I love him to death, there's just some things i need to say without him reading them! With that said...

I love john to death but im afraid of what him and i are becoming, really i am. He always wants to hang out with me and when we dont i know he gets sad. I hate that so i feel obligated to hang with him. Its funny cause now i know how i was treating kaley when i always got sad if she was with anyone else or just without me. Im so sorry for that! So i really dont know what to do. If i tell him how i feel he might take it the wrong way and not wanna hang out or it'll be awkward when we hang out again. The last thing i wanna do is hurt his feelings! Believe me!

So take last night as an example, almost every night we workout after work until about 7ish. Usually we get done, i go home and have dinner and then drive to his place to hang out. Im getting a little tired of that cuz ya see, he cant drive anywhere other than work cuz he owes him mom through the nose money for his car and has to pay her off b4 he can drive again. suck!!! So last night i didnt want to hang out, i even had to tell him i had plans with someone else just to get him off my back. You know what i did last night? I went to bed at 8:30, ya thats right. 8:30. didnt hang out with anyone but myself and charlie. I just feel like its too much! And kaley, if you ever read this, i totally know what you were feeling with me and im sorry to the bottom of my toes. You are so right, i had so much to learn and im glad you broke up with me in a strange way. I would prolly have never grown up in that sense, so thanks.

So what do I do? Okay so here's something else to throw into the mix.

Friday, January 27, 2006

hello all

so i just got this thing up and running (which is what i need to be doing tonight, thanks for lunch rosey!). Thought id write a lil bit before i leave work for the week. yup, thats right, im on the comp at work doing un-related work stuff! I work with kids and we are in the comp lab killin' time b4 6 o'clock rolls around, 2 more kiddos to go!
i will definitly write more later!