Tuesday, February 07, 2006

crazy padre

Here we are again @ worky jerky, don't ya love it! I'm just done today! I just told Tiffany that I wish she turned 18 yesterday rather than just 17 so that i could leave early! I dont know what it is, but the kids are just driving me up the wall today! I feel sorta bad that we are in the comp lab again, but this is where they are happy, so i guess its fine. I worked @ peiffer today and then had to come straight to work afterwards. arggg!!!! After work im going out to din din with dad and gma for gma's 86th bday! we're going to northwoods inn.
So can i just tell ya the convo that my dad and i had last night? So dani and i went to denny's for dinner and my dad called right when we were being seated, so i didnt answer the phone. I had planned to call him right when i got done but i called john back b4 to see if we were going to hang out and then i planned to call my dad. well, he beat me to it and accused me of being on speed cuz im always spaziing out with him on the phone. well, helloooooooooo, he makes me that way, when you make me feel bad all the time for not calling you 40 thousand times a day, back the fuck off!!!! Anyway, we will be dining together tonight and luckly we dont fight in public (like matt and i!) so it oughta be okay! So i had to dress down today cuz we are going out to dinner. I know that sounds super weird, but its true! he only wears sweats and gets annoyed if i were nice clothes, even jeans are pushing it! weird, i know!
So I have some good news about dear old dad, he has been a non-smoker for the past month. I seriously didnt think he could make it this far but that just goes to show that when you put your mind to something, great things can happen! so im gonna go, parents are here and it looks a little weird for me to be blogging! i guess i'll play sumthin on disney.com!


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