Monday, February 06, 2006

Ryanne @ US Bank

so here i am at work, yet again! so journaling is a really good way to let you and other ppl know how your feeling! So today was a good day. John and i went to the bank to open a checking account for him (cuz he needs to save money badly) and we had the best freakin time ever! Let me tell you! The lady that helped us, Ryanne, was prolly 24 or 25 and soooo flippin funny. We were totally on a 1st name basis and she kept referring us as such! So funny! Anyway, there was an empty desk in the back of the bank and she assigned that to john. I think they were piping laughing gas through the vents, we were flippin high! Okay, so that was the bank!
Today is Tiffany's b-day! she's 17! wow, thats funny, i work with a 17 yr old! But she had to go to another school to work. But... Rosey brought over the Dutch Creek kids for golf in the gym and we got to chat so that was fun! She's going to take me to Red Lobster some time soon! So I have some sad news about our buddy...Rosey and Jude broke up, she told me over the phone today while i was @ the Pavilions, she seemed so sad, and for dang good reason! I mean come on, been there, done that! But kaley and i were only together for 9 months and they were together for 12 yrs! I cant even imagine what she's going through! But, I love this new side of her, i mean she's emotional and she tells me how she's feeling! I flippin love it! So if you'll remember with me when i first started with foothills @ Ute Meadows, I totally had a crush on her. but thats old news! So maybe my wildest dreams could come true...I mean, i can still hope and dream, right? I mean, there might be a time where we could just be talking and then maybe it could happen, maybe a little kiss? Who knows! but regardless, im totally there for her and supportive all the way! and she knows it! so Red Lobster oughta be good! So im gonna wrap this one up and we'll talk soon! I cant even imagine what would happen if she read this, i guess it'd be out in the open and we wouldn't have to beat around the bush, now would we!? Ok, im done. hasta luego!
love sara


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